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I have over 400 videos ranging on topics from Linux, Programming, and Engineering. The goal is to help people learn about various subjects that can help them excel in business, programming, and engineering. Also, it's great to see what kind of material you'll be getting into if you're undecided about where to start or if you should attend university.

New Content!

Digital content is now available on the courses tab. I'm constantly working on creating more. Explore the world of Linux with a Checklist and Mind Map of the Linux System.

Build a Custom Webpage

In this course, I'll teach you how to build your own custom landing web page or portfolio. Learn how to setup a project, use a framework, and keep your website mobile friendly with many tips & tricks.


Ever wonder how networks work? Routers, ethernet, addressing, etc, keep us connected to the internet. Learn about local networks, troubleshooting, and how it communicates to the outside world.

Linux and Programming

I've been working on providing Linux and Programming videos/tutorials for the YouTube community for 2 years. Learning is an exciting way to get involved. It excites me to be able to teach others and spread knowledge about Linux, Programming, and Engineering. I've been practicing as an Engineer for almost a decade. I love learning about new subjects and helping others.

The goal is to offer courses and knowledge to people so that they can have the necessary tools to exceed in whatever ways they see fit. A lot of my material is based on real world experiences and university studies. Sharing knowledge is a great way to bring people together and help one another.

Most people who find this website will be through YouTube and therefore already know my style of teaching. My courses are affordable thanks to people who donate. I don't want barriers for people who want to learn about new subjects, but some paid content, like courses, allow me to offer other content for free. YouTube is where I post free videos.

Electronics and Electrical Enginneering

I'm working on providing people with electronics and electrical engineering knowledge and getting others excited about engineering. As I've stated, I'm a practicing engineer and some of my passions are working with electronics and microcontrollers, hence the linux, programming, and engineering theme. I want to provide knowledge and lessons about engineering since there's a lack of information about it on YouTube and the internet in general.